Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Life of Pi and Movie End Cards

I can't give a review of this movie until Nov. 21, when it opens on the week of Thanksgiving, but I can highly recommend it.

Hard to imagine Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Brokeback Mountain) doing a movie that is so completely infused with faith and the search for God, but that is the crux of the movie.

It is PG and we were told at the screening that it is a "family movie."

Be aware that it is a family movie as done by Ang Lee, which is to say that it takes nature seriously and treats it realistically as much as can be done in this tale.

Think "The Yearling," "Old Yeller," or "Bambi" (remember that even Walt Disney killed off Bambi's mother; the book was much more realistic). I wouldn't advise taking small children to see this film.

Don't be afraid to see the 3D version. This movie is gorgeous.

Just wanted to give movie goers a chance to fit this into their schedule.


On the way out we scored one of the above movie posters.

However, the image from the very end of the credits was one that we applauded. The Life of Pi's card had a plain black background, but you get the idea. We'd read about this initiative to show why movie piracy is important to stop and that the reason your movie ticket costs what it does. I like it.


  1. Is it available in large print?


    Mack in Kirbyville

    1. No doubt! Bring a wheelbarrow to carry it home in! :-D

  2. thanks for sharing.