Thursday, November 15, 2012

Odds and Ends

10 Sci-Fi Fantasy Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

A fun list from Paste Magazine which counts down ... and ends up with a show that any frequent visitors here will recognize as a much mourned cancellation. I was pleased to see Better Off Ted, Angel and Wonderfalls included since I enjoyed them greatly in their day. And Carnivale is a show I've always meant to watch, even with the lack of resolution when it was canceled. I can take it.

LibriVox Saved My Sanity

A love letter to the free audiobook resource that volunteers (and love of books) built. Like Gaƫtan L. Charlebois, I also love LibriVox as you may have gathered. His praise of Elizabeth Klett is well founded, but allow me to direct your attention to my own favorite LibriVox readers.


Ryan Trusell from Ora et Labora et Zombies doesn't rest upon his laurels. Adventhology is a new "micropublishing adventure that brings together four short pieces by four well-known Catholic bloggers, united by the common theme of the season of Advent and its culmination at Christmas. Each piece is published separately, as its own small booklet, of fine paper with a hand-printed softcover." Written by Dorian Speed, Brandon Vogt, Dan Lord, and Simcha Fisher. Read more at Adventhology.

By the way, Ryan has got a new look for his website and begun blogging. Check it out.

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