Friday, October 19, 2012

Well Said: The Question

From my quote journal.
I don't think the question is, "Is the customer always right?" but rather, "Do you want to make your customer happy?"
Chef Thomas Keller
Which is, of course, the point of "the customer is always right" but somehow that seems to have been forgotten by too many in the service industry.

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  1. It hasn't been forgotten, per se, but too many customers think that "the customer is always right" entitles them to berate, belittle, and sometimes assault workers, to demand endless free items, to leave their trash strewn through the store, and other boorish behaviors. Upper management, scared of losing any customer, will often insist that local workers bow to the whims of such people, even if the "customer" has yet to spend an actual dime in the store, while good customers who are polite and accept store policies are left to fend for themselves.