Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just Because I Like It - the Pope in Lebanon

From the Pope's visit to Lebanon. Something about this brings tears to my eyes ... it is that kind of jubilant feeling. Can you imagine what it must have been like to be inside the car?

This is from Margaret at ten thousand places who also excerpted three quotes from Pope Benedict's addresses so far. My favorite:

Why so much horror? Why so many dead? ... Those who wish to build peace must cease to see in the other an evil to be eliminated."
Pope Benedict XVI
Margaret links to a place with a lot more coverage. Drop by and browse.


  1. There is an amazing Maronite Catholic population there in Lebanon. I've a friend who's first person account of living so close, and practically in the Holy Land, really really inspired my faith renewal ten years ago. God bless the Holy Father, and God Bless the faithful in Lebanon.

  2. I liked the photos of the helium balloons that shaped a giant floating rosary. Did you see those?

  3. I did NOT, but I'm going to go look for them now! :-)

  4. Love this picture, Julie. Thank you for sharing!