Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Good Story is Hard to Find - Featured at New Evangelizers Blog

Who said the New Evangelization should be not fun? Somehow, though, I get the impression we all take it so seriously that we forget to laugh.

I consider A Good Story to be a great remedy for that. It’s thought-provoking, humor-filled, and just plain enjoyable to listen to. I feel, at times, like I’ve somehow started eavesdropping on two of my favorite people discussing something I’m keenly interested in–and I may not have even known I was interested.

Each episode of A Good Story focuses on either a book or a movie, in an alternating pattern. They aren’t Catholic books and movies, mind you, but books and movies either Scott or Julie has picked to highlight.
Many thanks to Sarah Reinhard for her generous praise of A Good Story is Hard to Find podcast at the New Evangelizers blog.

If it weren't fun, Scott and I wouldn't do it, that much I know. People like Sarah who read and watch along with us make it even more fun. Thank you Sarah!

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  1. My pleasure. Keep up the great work, guys! :)