Thursday, August 9, 2012

Well Said: Another Date With Meaninglessness

From my quote journal.
A few years ago I was driving the carpool to school. It was the day of the Christmas program. I told the kids I was eager to come to the show. I asked what Christmas songs they were singing. There was a lengthy pause followed by the innocent reply, “We’re not singing any Christmas songs. Our teacher says that they are too religious. We are only singing songs about the Winter solstice.

...  I took a breath and said, “Who is your teacher?”

Alex answered back, “Mr. Webster.”

I said, ”Alex, you know Mr. Webster probably doesn’t know this, but the Winter solstice is religious too. It celebrates Paganism. So if he really wants to cut out religion he should just stick to Beatles songs.”


The decision to remove Christmas songs from a children’s Christmas show was the definition small-minded. I shouldn’t have been surprised. It was the kind of choice you expect from an expensive private school in Los Angeles.

I dropped the kids off. They ran inside for another date with meaninglessness. ...
Stephen Tobolowsky, A Christmas Reflection
Go read the entire thing. It isn't long but it is plenty long to show why I love listening to The Tobolowsky Files podcast.

That, plus the fact that he uses the same TV trays we have ... the ones from Target. After all, he's only famous sometimes.

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