Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Busy with the pizza, the cleaning ... the preparations ...

Since the Catholic New Media Conference is in Dallas (which is what made me even think of submitting a topic for the Blogging Conference Day ... I'm speaking at 2 p.m. on Friday if anyone is going to be attending who is also reading this) ... we're having a group of bloggers over for cocktails and homemade pizza (and suchlike) this evening.

AND Sarah Reinhard will be our houseguest for the duration of the conference. So very much talking as I anticipate ... oh yeah ...

Rides have been coordinated. Housecleaning has been done (do not look too closely in the corners, please!). Groceries have (mostly) been bought.

And now I commence wit da cookin'.

We're having Vesuvio pizza, Garlic Chicken pizza, and a Mexican pizza of my own devising. And some Caesar-ish salad and possibly some Tiramisu to follow.


  1. Oh, it sounds like great fun. Give my best to Sarah Reinhard. She's awesome. What an awesome, winsome twosome you'll be.

  2. Julie: The evening at your house will always go down in my book as one of my all-time favorite conference memories. From the wonderful company to the delicious food and bodacious (!) libations, your gracious hospitality was a soothing balm to the soul. Thank you!

  3. P.S. Our hostess gift to you and Sarah: a possible topic for next year's conference presentation . . . .

    "Top 20 Blogs in 2013 with Best Guest Post Potential" (Jennifer Fitz and I were discussing this on the way home. These 20 blogs/podcasts accept guest post/interviews that tend to generate the most consistent traffic spikes on the postee's blog.) Of course, the blogs would change each year as people swamped the "host" at such a dizzying rate that they no longer had room to post and you'd have to come up with a new list.

    Just a thought!

  4. And what joythe visit, the pizza, the company was!!!