Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Religion, The Washington Post, and Media Bias...

Let’s start with three basic observations, after mulling over the contents of this [Washington Post] story:

(1) It appears that liberal Catholics listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Conservative Catholics prefer, for some reason, to listen to fallible men called “bishops.”

(2) The Post seems to love, love, love believers whose approach to doctrine and church history mirrors that of the modernized Episcopal Church, especially when those people are billed as reformers in the Roman Catholic Church.

(3) Based on years of reading Post coverage of the many doctrinal battles between liberal and conservative Episcopalians, it appears that it absolutely crucial for conservative Episcopalians to obey their liberal bishops (and everyone heads to secular courts if they cannot work things out), but it isn’t terribly important for liberal Catholics to obey their conservative bishops, even when those bishops are acting in obedience to that Bishop of Rome guy.
Read it all at GetReligion.

I couldn't help myself. This made me laugh because it is not simply true of The Post, it is true of practically every media outlet these days.

And, also ... I like lists of things that make me laugh.

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