Friday, June 22, 2012

Pixar's Brave

I have been avoiding reviews ever since Steven D. Greydanus mentioned that most of them give a big spoiler.

Today I eagerly scanned headlines and first paragraphs of the main movie critics (Ebert, Morgenstern, etc.) and got more depressed as I went. We're all Pixar fans at our house and no matter our age, we go to a Pixar movie when it comes out (the only exception being Cars 2).

Then I saw Steven D. Greydanus' review (haven't read it all, but the beginning was enough) and also Rebecca Cusey's (she passed the spoiler litmus test by tiptoeing so much that we don't get much story - woohoo!). Sighs of relief because the things they seem to love are the things the the main movie critics probably just didn't get.

So there are two reviews you can read and trust ... and maybe we'll see you at a theater near us in the next week or two, watching Brave.

A fellow movie lover in the office just told me that he was skimming reviews trying to avoid spoilers but get the thumbs up or thumbs down. His eyes rested on a paragraph long enough to read the congratulations to Pixar for crafting an original fairy story in this age when most studios instead settle for retelling the classics in a new way.

So that makes me happy.

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