Monday, June 25, 2012

On Bended Knee: Fortnight for Freedom, day 5

Kneeling is a posture of surrender. Some people may see this as a weakness; it can also be a certain posture of strength in that we are asking for divine guidance. We can view it as a sign of deep respect for God. And anyone who knows anything about love knows it grows from being rooted in respect.

In kneeling I am acutely aware of my littleness and my own need. But in so doing, I am most aware of my being me before the One who knows me: warts and all, insecurities and all, infirmities and all. It is the same One who knows me as someone beautiful, someone unrepeatable, someone beloved.

In recent years, I've had surgical repairs to a hip and an ankle. So I have had long rehab seasons when kneeling was an impossibility. These down times have forced me to lean on other people for support, not to mention walking with ever-present crutches and canes. They also took me out of my normal workflow, and forced me to be somewhat unscheduled. It took some getting used to—both the non-kneeling, and the reduced activity.

Most important, these times have taught me to kneel, instead, with the heart. To be rather than to do. And to learn that the doing is not as important as the being. For in those times of stillness, I have often received unexpected healing graces that come from God, the lover of my soul and the healer of my ills.
This piece by Pat Gohn about kneeling while praying has stuck with me for some time.

It speaks a truth that I echo even if I do not kneel nearly enough and do not remember that kneeling before God is the privilege of having a healthy body and a healthy spirit. This hits home to me on two levels since I finally saw The Diving Bell and the Butterfly this weekend. It reminds us that our very person, whether whole or broken, is precious. That being is very valuable indeed.

Those who would dictate how we should live, the government who wants us to kneel before their HHS mandate, may also need a gentle reminder that being is more important than doing ... whether kneeling in prayer before God or living according to consciences that are different from theirs.

Go read the entire piece because there is much more than what is shared above.

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