Monday, June 4, 2012

Beyond the Rim of Light

Well, well, well, one of my favorite bloggers up and cowrote a book! Check it out at Steven Riddle's blog A Momentary Taste of Being.
Captivated by the beauty of the planet Arden, xenobiologist and survey team leader Marissa Latham wants to preserve it and its dominant species, the rheodactyls (rheos). However, a treaty between the Usian Confederation and the Delphian Empire requires the clearing of Arden despite Marissa’s insistence the rheos are sentient. Unsupported by others, she is determined to reverse that decision when a rheo attack on the survey team closes the planet to all. Angered by events, Marissa takes action that has unexpected results. Exiled beyond the edge of the universe, she is transformed.

From the unsuspected warp and weft of the universe to the pleasure world of Satina IV, Marissa fights to save Arden, the Rheos, and the friends who were condemned along with her.

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