Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Words Matter ... Especially When We're Hurling Them at Others

I remember years ago my brother was in an altercation with the owner of a parking lot. They managed to exchange loud greetings that sounded to all those in hearing distance like ‘go to hell.’ I remember when I heard them, I suddenly got chills. I thought to myself, “Who the hell wants to go to hell.” Neither one of them I believe, was really thinking that they wanted the other to go to hell. They were simply expressing their feelings at that moment. To understand just the basics of hell would stop all of us from wishing it on anyone else.


I will never forget in a biography of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, he commented about praying for your enemies. He said he offered prayers up every day for Adolf Hitler, until the moment he learned of Hitler’s death. So it should be for all Catholics. Pray for your enemies and remember that you don’t want anyone going to hell.
Sammy John preaches it at Catholics on the Edge. And while he's at it, he spares some thought and prayer for prominent Catholics much in the news these days. Go. Read. And let us all do likewise.

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