Wednesday, March 7, 2012

They Said It Couldn't Be Done, But They Didn't Know Hannah, Super Arborist!

In fact, here she looks as if she may be leafing out. Or is that moss?

Wait, that's from a 5K race where you get pelted with colored powder.

This is better.

See how happy it makes her just to be next to one of her leafy, bark-covered friends?

Hannah was told that no one passes the arborist test the first time around. But she pulled it off yesterday.

Congratulations, Hannah! We knew you could do it!


  1. Okay, Julie, is the first picture about some sort of cultic self-paintification Lenten thing?

    -- Mack in Kirbyville

  2. I have to admit, I think that the race organizers got the idea from the Indian holiday where people throw colors on each other.

    But for us ... I'm thinking maybe instead of coloring Easter eggs we color each other?

  3. Eek!


    - Mack in Kirbyville