Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Basics

GRECO, El (b. 1541, Candia, d. 1614, Toledo)
The Resurrection 1596-1600
via Idle Speculations who is excerpted below.
Dramatic lighting, swirling and attenuated figures well suited to convey in powerful terms the supernatural, triumphant dimensions of the divine event called The Resurrection.

The Resurrection was more than just the return of a man from the dead. It was a victory over Death itself.

Lord, hear our prayers for:
  • Class Factotum's prayer intentions:
    Rachel fell down the stairs and hit her head. She is in the hospital with a skull fracture and a traumatic brain injury. She has a little girl who needs her mother.

    Gail, who also has young children, was just diagnosed with lymphoma.

    Please pray that they both are healed completely, quickly, and painlessly.
  • Deb Stribling
  • Kelsea's sister to recover from her coma and for her family during this hard time
    My continual prayer intentions ...
    • For our government officials to have a change of heart and uphold our right to religious freedom
    • An end to abortion and a reverence for life in all stages of age and health.
    • Our priests and for vocations
    • Abortion providers, Lord open their eyes and hearts
    • Strength, joy and peace for oppressed Christians in China, Asia, and the Middle East. Also that their oppressors may have their eyes opened to the truth. And for all those oppressed, actually.


    1. this is an amazing image, thanks for sharing. Prayers for you and all

    2. I love Tissot's work. I had not seen this before, but what a wonderful image. The looks on the peoples faces are so deep.

    3. I love the artwork you share. This one is especially thought provoking and moving. Thank you!