Tuesday, February 28, 2012

News You Need to Know: Sherlock returns to U.S. TV

On the upcoming CBS series Elementary, Holmes is a respected criminologist, formerly a consultant for the Yard but now a recovering addict fresh out of rehab. The NYPD hires him as a consultant, but makes him take on a “sober companion” to keep him on the straight and narrow. The one he gets is Dr. Joan Watson, a gifted surgeon who lost an influential patient on the table and her license, in quick succession. So she has to ride herd on him during cases, whether either of them like it or not.

Holmes is played by English actor Jonny Lee Miller, the grandson of actor Bernard Lee (the original M).

Dr. Joan Watson is Lucy Liu.

This is going to be awesome.
No kidding.

Maureen has more at Aliens in This World.


  1. My heart belongs to Benedict. The boy knows how to work a pair of cheekbones :)

  2. I do love Benedict, to be sure. :-)

  3. Cumberbatch is a great modern version of the Canonical Holmes.

    Have to see how the upcoming CBS show fares against the BBC version.. Very interesting casting choices though!