Friday, February 24, 2012

In the News: WSJ Edition*

Interesting, very interesting.

J.K. Rowling to write a novel for adults
I'm interested. The Harry Potter series was so great that I hope she can do something equally good about a different subject.

McDonald's New Accent: The McBaguette in France
The French response seems to be a sneer. Understandable even if one isn't French. I'd like one though. Please?

Cannot wait to try this series which begins next Thursday and the review looks good.

Want to Know What Rick Santorum Bashers Will Say?
Read this editorial from Dorothy Rabinowitz for a preview. Sheez. She really does not like this guy. What Ms. Rabinowitz found inexplicable, I found perfectly understandable since I am a practicing Catholic. What Ms. Rabinowitz found opportune for a cheap shot (public schools), I found perfectly clear since I am a practicing (read that tax paying) American. I bet if Mr. Santorum is asked about these issues in greater detail, he can explain with perfect clarity.

I am not sure about the American citizenry. I am willing to give Mr. Santorum the benefit of the doubt since he is the only candidate doing well it the polls who not only has standards but who is also unwilling to shift them for a vote. That is a refreshing change. But it is perfectly clear that Ms. Rabinowitz finds Mr. Santorum unpalatable.

*I saw it first at the Wall Street Journal, but since they have paid subscription for most stories online it is anyone's guess as to whether they'll let you read more than a little. Here's a tip if the story is cut off - search for it online via Google, Bing, or whatever. You usually get to read the whole story that way. Or someone's story about the same thing.


  1. Did you see Awake? We loved it!

  2. We taped it ... will watch it tonight. I've heard nothing but good things so far!