Monday, October 31, 2011

Catholic Ministry Conference: Report, the First

I spent too much time on Halloween (is that possible?) and now have no time to tell of all the wonders that two days wandering around a giant Catholic conference meeting people and hearing interesting talks and just generally having a great time.

So I will stagger it.

First - HI JEFF! (Is there anything so ego-swelling as having someone come up and tell you that Happy Catholic is his home page? Of course there isn't... no wonder I loved the conference)

Second - possibly the most astounding experience was seeing Bishop Kevin Farrell wandering around completely alone, simply dressed in his priestly garb, making himself utterly available to anyone who wanted to come up and talk.


Now that's how you bishop, people.

What a breath of fresh air! Even if I did get so nervous and focused on giving him a copy of Happy Catholic that I totally forgot Tom was there ... which led the good bishop to throw an arm around him and ask "what did you did to deserve that" in his Irish accent, while laughing good naturedly at me. Ah yes, a bishop of the people.

More later ...

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