Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So Much Georgette Heyer for $1.99 on Kindle ... So Little Money!

I've seen this Kindle sale mentioned but having my own tattered paperbacks of my favorite Georgette Heyers (so that means all except her detective novels, y'all), I haven't checked it out.

Until The Curt Jester delighted me by declaring that he'd learned to like Heyer from listening to The Black Moth on Forgotten Classics ... and needing my advice for my favorites.

For those not on Google+, I pass my favorites along to you:

  1. The Grand Sophy
  2. Frederica
  3. These Old Shades
  4. False Colours
  5. Cotillion
  6. The Unknown Ajax
  7. Sprig Muslin
  8. The Black Sheep
  9. Sylvester: or The Wicked Uncle
  10. A Civil Contract
  11. Bonus (since I think A Civil Contract isn't on Kindle): Lady of Quality


  1. Again I am indebted to you for another great reading list. $1.99 on Nook, too!

  2. I haven't read much Heyer. The blog Smart Bitches, Trashy Books is having a fast and furious (and I do mean furious) debate about the antisemitism in The Grand Sophy.

  3. I suppose so, but I only accept those arguments if they throw in Josephine Tey, Agatha Christie, et al who were writing in those days. One must judge the writer by the times. I, myself, thought that it was a brilliant take on Fagin in Oliver Twist. :-)

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  5. I can only speak to Christie, but her portrayals of Orientals and Jews would be highly offensive to a later sensibility. She portrays lesbians as "man haters" (while usually being dressed in male garb themselves). The greatest irony is that some modern viewers of the Poirot stories assume he is gay, because of his sartorial dandyism, and that the only reason she didn't spell it out is that it was simply not de rigueur in her day.

  6. Hmmn. I never thought about Poirot's effeminate behavior = gay. I thought it = Belgian. Logically, I suppose one could reason from that the theory that all Belgians are gay.

  7. If one knows Poirot well, one knows he has had some romantic histories with women. He even let the Russian countess who was a jewel thief escape because of his feelings for her. He did banish her from England, but he didn't give her up to the police.

    A friend of mine who is sure Poirot is gay doesn't know these things, and also doesn't realize (I guess) that straight men can be very particular about their appearance. Poirot is obsessively neat and detail-oriented. It's all part of his unique psychological and mental makeup.

  8. Poirot isn't quite Patrick McGoohan's John Drake / #6, but he's The Man.

    And those who judge the chauvinisms of the past by current purer-than-pure ideologies risk being labeled Unmutual themselves. "Judge not lest ye be judged," and so on.

  9. Your best of Heyer list is almost the same as mine--I have almost all of her work in fair to excellent quality paper and hardback books, but I might have to start accumualating them on Kindle. Most of her mysteries are also very good and have recently been re-issued in high quality paperback.
    Cathy J

  10. Alas, The Unknown Ajax (9/12011), Sprig Muslin (12/1/11), and A Civil Contract(11/1/11) haven't been released on Kindle yet and aren't part of the sale. Maybe next year - when it'll be her 110th anniversary instead of just her 109th. :) I am sort of wondering if sourcebooks might do a 99 cent or free offer for that anniversary.

    I downloaded Cotillion when it was free a few months back and bought The Grand Sophy when it was marked down to $1.99 at the same time.

    Fredrica was further discounted to $1.59 by Amazon, so I snapped it up, along with These Old Shades, which has a further Amazon discount to $1.79. I'm dithering over Sylvester because I missed it when it was free for an hour or two a couple days ago and can't help but feel that they might mark it down again and somehow it just doesn't sound as interesting as most of her other stories. *wry smile*

    I'm glad I have so much of an overlap with your favorites. I loved reading The Grand Sophy and Cotillion, and am very much enjoying Frederica so far.

    There are a few others that Amazon's also dropped to $1.79: Royal Escape, Simon the Coldheart, Beauvallet, & Talisman Ring. I'm waiting to see if there are any more Amazon price drops before buying a few more... or maybe a bunch more, as my local libraries and bookstores don't have many/any of Heyer's works so I've only a few in paperback.