Friday, August 26, 2011

Belated Prayer Request for Tom's Mother - Updated

My dear mother-in-law, 86 years old, had surgery yesterday for a blocked artery in one leg. It was stopping circulation, which is never a good thing.

I found out about it late in the day, she was recovering well, and when we all went to visit for a few hours last night ... she was in good spirits and the staff said she'd be going home today.

Unfortunately, when removing ... something ... the blockage shifted around so that it is now above her waist, as well as other blockages in her leg shifting and again cutting off circulation.

If you are so moved, please pray for the success of this afternoon's surgery and her quick recovery.

Unfortunately the surgery was not a success. We are on a "wait and see" sort of vigil for the next few days so we can see if improvement will come anyway (miracles happen) or whether a hospice is indicated.

I'm probably the least occupied at work these days of anyone around so am spending most of my usual blogging time at the hospital. The hospital is wired for wi-fi but I feel that having the computer powered up would take away from my ability to stay in the moment for what might be needed. I am taking a notebook so I can work on writing in what spare time arises.

Hence, my lack of presence for a bit ... please keep Tom's mother, Mary, and us in your prayers.

In the "miracle" news, though, when the news was spread to the family further away, it turned out that Tom's mother's sister was only an hour or so away ... on her way back to Houston after a vacation in New Mexico. She and one of Tom's cousins were able to make an unexpected visit for an hour or so yesterday morning.

A side thought ... it is funny how you can be so thankful for the little things at these moments. Such as, I just bought a new purse. Larger than my old one, but very lightweight, it is just the perfect size to slip a small book, a notebook, an apple, and a bit of knitting into without seeming too bulky or heavy. It is a bit of luxury to have those things with me, easy to get to but easy to ignore also. I suppose any women will realize my last purse was very small.


  1. A prayer has been sent for her. May everything go well.

  2. Praying for her quick recovery and no more complications! :-(

  3. Praying for you all. God bless you.

  4. Praying that she is comfortable duirng her treatment and for a quick recovery.

  5. ...that God's will be done...

  6. Julie,

    My prayers and thoughts are with Tom's mother, and the entire family. The entire "very ill parent" brings back many memories. I know what you are going through, and your blogging about what you brought (or should not bring) to the hospital, work stresses, etc. are very familiar. God's answer in my situation was always a surprise. I pray you have the the gentle love and care that only His Spirit can give. And you know He will!

    Tom N