Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Snapshot: An Old-Style Way to Spend the Time

I have a friend coming over this afternoon.

We were going to have coffee but it is so blinking hot outside that we will be having iced tea. (And maybe some of those lighter-than-air, handmade crackers from The Central Market that our family enjoys during weekend happy hours ... but that is beside the point.)

She's coming over just so we can chat.

Now, when is the last time you did anything like that? Not as part of a book club, or kids playing, or whatever excuse we come up with?

I, myself, was feeling slightly guilty about not using that time "wisely."

Then it came to me.

What better use of time is there, if one has it available, than spending time talking with a dear friend?

None, really.


  1. Almost totally jealous. The other part is so very happy for you! Enjoy.

  2. Congratulations on a job well done!
    It is especially well-spent time to find independent coffee/tea/bakery businesses and meet a friend there for pure pleasure and connection and, most especially, laughter.
    Support face to face time.

  3. That's wonderful! (I wish I had a friend who could come over just to chat.)


  4. Switch out iced tea and crackers with Mexican beer and Chinese food, and you just described my evening with a dear friend last night! It was nice to just set, chat, and be.