Friday, June 24, 2011

Goodbye Purina. Goodbye Quaker Oats. Goodbye Fritos. Call When You Care About What You're Feeding Us. (UPDATED)

After yet another trip to the grocery store where I racked my brain to remember just who is owned by Nestle, Kraft, or PepsiCo, I finally got around to making myself a cheat sheet ... a three-page, three-column cheat sheet.

Dang these companies own a lot of other companies!

Why do I care? Those companies participate in a flavor program that uses HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce taste receptors. Euwww. Not to mention the fact that I completely object to abortion, how about the horror of using people as part of a flavor program?

(UPDATE: As anyone who would take the trouble to click through on the link above would see, the HEK293 cells are not in the food nor are they on the FDA approved food additive list. The cells are only used for testing. I am NOT saying that the HEK293 are a food additive which would make them cannibals. I am saying that to use anything, even in testing, made from humans like this is wrong. Since there are many who never bother to click through and draw their own wrong conclusions, I am taking the time to spell this out. END UPDATE)

So we're boycotting.

And it ain't easy. For example, I now see I'm going to have to change over the dog food and treats. On the other hand, eating Cheez Its never felt so virtuous!

It also makes me reflect once again on the fact that I use much less processed food than a lot of people I know. Is it wise to have a few giant companies controlling what we eat?

This isn't a new question.

But it is one, combined with this issue, it is good for me to think about every so often. It renews my commitment to the CSA (our shares in a farm where we get weekly deliveries) and to using as few processed foods as possible.


  1. Can you share your cheat sheet?

  2. This is disgusting. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. JoAnna ... definitely.

    I'll upload the pdf so it can be downloaded. I'll post when I have that done so you'll know it is ready. :-)

  4. Quaker? Sigh.... I assume this is not an issue with store brands?

  5. Please do share your cheat sheet. I hadn't heard about this, and I am disgusted.

  6. I also sent emails to Pepsi, etc. Hard to believe that they have been so arrogant about this after other companies dropped the lab after the news.

  7. I have read an article in Operation Outcry's website, that said Susan G Komen Breast cancer inc. also supports Planned Parenthood. Just thought I would share this. It is quite disturbing that a group who wants to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer, is supporting Planned Parenthood as they scar women for life...

  8. Oh man. I need your cheat sheet, too. Please do share. We'll join the boycott.

  9. Looking forward to your cheat sheet.

  10. Oh, it's horrifing! I would love to have the list, too.
    People think today, that life became easier than 100 years before, but to me mind if you want to live morally, it is far harder than then.

  11. Oh, man. Not Quaker Oats. There goes my breakfast, literally to hell in a handbasket. I guess it's time to start buying store brand. That was the only offender in my pantry. Thanks for the post, Julie.

  12. Thanks for posting about this, Julie. I don't remember seeing your first post, so this came as a surprise. I, too, would like to have a copy of your cheat sheet when you post it. it's not already hard enough to save a buck at the grocery store without them throwing abortion into the mix. Bah!!

    Bridget N.

  13. T.J. PGK FN6/26/11, 8:28 AM

    Please make it clear that the HEK293 cells are not in the food nor are they on the FDA approved food additive list. The cells are only used for testing.

    The use of the cells for testing is wrong. Many people have taken the article that the HEK293 are a food additive which would make them canibals.

    I do not want to see the Pro-Life cause hurt by unclear information that is misinterpreted and then disporved. This would reduce credibilty and hinder the righteous cause.

  14. Ok, I've made this as clear as humanly possible ... hopefully this meets your approval.

  15. While you're at it, it would be worthwhile to look into Nestle's baby-formula policies in third world countries.It's hard to imagine a more evil group at this point.

  16. Hey Julie,
    Love the update. My first thought--before I clicked through and read the article--was that they were putting the cells in the food.

    Some of my friends seem to think that it's important that these cells are very old--from the 70s?--and that this should make it less horrific.
    Others ask how this is different from experimenting on cadavers.
    I'm not quite sure what to say to these folks. It seems the Church is ok with cadavers and experimentation when consent is given.

  17. Hi Diana!

    First and foremost, cadavers were once allowed to live their lives. So there is that prime difference always between them and anyone who was aborted.

    Secondly, I'd be astonished if the Church is ok with parts of cadavers for flavor programs. Medical research is one thing. Flavor programs are pretty frivolous by comparison.

    Thirdly, human cells are human cells ... I don't care how old the line is. It is not that the cells are old, if I am not mistaken, it is that the original line of cells is from the 1970's. So let's flip it. Since the 1970's people have been allowed to use a person's cells for experimentation. I guess it is going too far to call that enslavement but that is what springs to mind. Probably because I read so much science fiction.

    Also, please keep in mind that my remarks are my perspective as I understand the Church's teachings. I'm not speaking with any authority here. If someone who can do so wants to comment, I'd welcome their insights!