Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Castle ... Yes, Again

Our family just loves the 1997 movie The Castle.

I've seen it so many times that I can practically recite the lines in my sleep. We force everyone we can to watch it.

That is why it is #3 of A Movie You Might Have Missed.

That is why it was my first movie pick to talk about with Scott at A Good Story is Hard to Find.

And, that is why I am delighted that Jesse from SFFaudio was interested enough after hearing Good Story to try it. Because he is delighted with it too. Here's his IMDB review which he shared with us:
Like Ray Bradbury's Wonderful Ice Cream Suit but Australian. Well maybe not exactly like "Wonderful Ice Cream Suit" but it surely has the same inner beauty.

Ignore the quotes on the video's cover they utterly fail to capture what this film is about. Whoever designed the cover has obviously not seen the film. It is nothing like Crocodile Dundee or The Full Monty. And you will stop laughing it is more touching and heartwarming than it is hilarious.

Go, go now, stop reading this and go out and get a copy of The Castle. Gather up your loved ones because this should be a family experience.

The Kerrigans lead a simple life but then their simple themselves. They are tremendously supportive and loving. Their material wealth is next to nil, but the family makes lemons out of all the lemonades life gives them. Every meal is a banquet, every anecdote is a saga.

Lets face facts, Australians make the best films! Hollywood makes some good films but the Australians always seem to make better ones. Too Wong Foo Thanks For nothing when you can have Priscilla Queen of The Desert and The Castle. Go out right now and find a copy of The Castle. Don't expect convulsive laughs like in There Is Something About Mary. Expect giggles and a renewal in your faith in humanity. Are you still reading this? Go, I said go, go out and get The Castle!
I loved Ray Bradbury's story but have never seen the movie made from it. Perhaps it is time I do so!

And for all of you who haven't yet watched The Castle, take Jesse's words to heart. Go get it!


  1. So... despite the title, it's not a story about Kafka? :)
    And it doesn't have Nathan Fillion in it? :(

  2. Another wonderful Australian movie is "The Dish." It's about the Australians who helped televise the Apollo 11 moon landing. Another must see. We love The Castle here too.

  3. I loved that movie when it came out and I watched it again with my husband a few months ago. So sweet, so loving, so unpretentious. I love the scene where the dad is waiting for the elevator with the guy who turns out to be a big judge and they talk about their kids and how proud they are of them - one for finishing law school, one for getting her beautician's license.