Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Zombie and Two Protestants Walk Into a Book Store

I am tickled pink to see that a zombie was the first purchaser of an autographed copy of Happy Catholic at the HC store.

He was followed closely by two of my Protestant besties ... Scott, with whom I've argued over many a movie review, and Hey Jules, with whom I've pondered many a theological question.

Just seems right somehow.

Though I see the fellow mackerel-snappers are joining in now also. Which definitely is a good thing!


On another note, I am super-swamped today ... this may be the only post I can muster.



  1. You could have made that a Zombie, Two Protestants, and a Jester if you had an eBook version.

  2. Dag-nab it! I've got to find out when that is coming out! :-)

  3. End of April for eBook format.

    Though those are so much more difficult to autograph! :-D

  4. Oh well, though Servant Books emailed me today about sending me a copy.