Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Favorite Catholic Media - Updated

As part of Catholic Media Promotion Day, let's take a look at our three favorite Catholic blogs, podcasts, and more ...

I'm going to assume you're on board with my "go to" spots like
The Anchoress
, The Curt JesterDarwin Catholic, and B-Movie Catechism
(just to name a few) so we'll look at three newer places that I love:
  1. Ten Thousand Places
    (and we're going to ignore the fact that when I was getting her url I saw that she's listed me everywhere in her Catholic Media ... that's got nothing to do with why I am listing her) As Margaret points out, "It is a daily chronicle of many things I love: the Faith, books & literature, food, food, food, art, random and wonderful news, style and design, food." How could I not love this place? That's everything I love too. And she's putting up quotes from In This House of Brede, people. How could I not force you to go read her blog?
  2. Roman Catholic Cop
    Jamie says, "I am a cradle Catholic who has refound his faith in the last ten years. I have been a police officer for the last 14 years. This blog contains catholic apologetics as well as spirtual thoughts as I grow in my interior life." Also, I'll tell you that his job keeps him grounded in a way that many of us need. His experience as a husband and father lead to further reflections that are solid gold to people of either sex. What can I say? I'm a fan.
  3. Bad Catholic
    Marc is a high school student and passionate about his Catholic faith. He speaks up often and loudly about various aspects of our faith. I gotta love that. Plus he's hilarious. In an in-your-face way. Which I also gotta love. And he tells it like it happens, "I was giving a talk on Mary to a group of middle schoolers, and, as a joke to get them thinking, I asked whether she had appeared to any of them recently. It was with some surprise, then, that I watched hands shoot up..."
I harangue everyone with the same list all the time. But here are the three I can't live without.
  1. Catholic Stuff You Should Know
    Modeled after the popular podcast Stuff You Should Know, this podcast explains a wide range of topics ... everything from Stylites (standing on pillars in style) to Ethiopian Christianity to Bishop's Wear and beyond. (iTunes link, website link)
  2. St. Irenaeus Ministries
    Scripture study that is practical. The teacher is extremely insightful in giving connections between scripture and daily life. He keeps it real and although he has an orthodox Catholic point of view, this is the podcast I recommend to nonCatholics. This is one that I listen to every week and since I tend to be behind on it, sometimes daily. An essential. (iTunes link, website link)
  3. Two Edge Talk
    Deacon Tim and Cyndi talk about how to live our faith ... ranging from specific understanding of Catholic teachings to more general questions such as just how do we live an abundant life of faith when we’re so darned busy just surviving? I was alerted to this after seeing several nonCatholics mention how they had learned about Catholic teachings “so they make sense” by listening to this podcast. This is a must listen when it comes in every other week. (iTunes link, website link)  
This is my weak area because I don't watch videos (no, not even those "you'll be sorry to miss this" videos). So, we will go with websites because that's all I've got. Though perhaps after reading other people's Catholic Media lists I'll have more resources for this area.
  1.  Patheos Catholic Portal
    A gigantic religion site that has a great Catholic section full of columns and features by a fascinating variety of Catholic writers, run by The Anchoress. (Hey, I was reading this way before I was asked to write for them ... I'm just lucky is all.)
  2. New Advent
    Tons of fresh links to relevant, important Catholic stories from around the interwebs. Plus you can find the Catholic Encyclopedia online here.
  3. Gryphon Rampant
    Deacon Lawrence Klimecki produces stunning contemporary versions of traditional Christian art. He also writes about art, truth, beauty, and Catholicism.
Heavens to Betsy, this just keeps getting tougher. Here goes ...
  1. Catholic bookstores
    Use them instead of Amazon if you have a choice. My two "go to" stores are Aquinas and More and The Catholic Company.
  2. Peter Kreeft Online
    I'm partial to his writing but he's got audio files and tons of stuff there.
  3. Papal Encyclicals Online
    'Nuff said. Right?

  1. Happy Catholic
    Duh. I assume y'all have looked around but if you are used to reading through the RSS feed then my sidebar may be of interest. It is changed up almost daily what with the Google links and the Goodreads book updates and the quotes and suchlike.
  2. A Good Story is Hard to Find podcast
    Scott Danielson and I have tons of fun discussing the "one reality" that we can glimpse under the surface of our favorite books and movies. Episode 6 will be up on Thursday, a movie for Lent - Quiz Show.
  3. A Free Mind
    My biweekly column for Patheos.com. This Thursday the second one will be posted. Yes, it is really new.
  4. Forgotten Classics podcast
    Not Catholic per se, but we are reading Robert Alter's translation of Genesis right now and that may go on for a long, long time. Plus, as my non-Catholic listeners know, I have a hard time not being Catholic sometimes. They always know when it's Lent for example!
  5. Happy Catholic - the book
    It isn't Jesus of Nazareth II, but we little flowers need books too. And sometimes we write one. (See, I did get something out of The Story of a Soul!)
Your turn! What are you favorites?  Speak up, either in the comments or if you have a blog (etc.) by posting. Don't forget to post your link here.

I know there is one big place to find all this but if you're not as comfortable with Facebook (yes, I am doing this for myself, thank you very much), then here are some other places to find great lists.
  • The Curt Jester - he didn't stop at three for his lists and he listens to tons more Catholic podcasts than I do.
  • Snoring Scholar - Sarah not only listed three of everything but then went around again and listed more which she'll be reviewing later. So that's at least two for the price of one! 
  • The B-Movie Catechism: I'm happy to see that spaceships and zombies were enough to pull A Good Story Is Hard To Find onto this list. (Must find a way to include more of those ... because a gal can never have too many zombies, right? )
  • Zombie Parent's Guide ... ok really at Life's Enchanting, Noteworthy Tidings but I clicked through from Zombie Parent's Guide (and plus I hadn't mentioned zombies for a while ... didn't want to let anyone down): Joseph is the guy who is picking and recording those great folk tales for Forgotten Classics so you know that his media list is just as varied and interesting as those tales.


    1. Since my computer crashed and I had to wipe the disk I've been on the look out for new (to me) podcasts. I'll definitely check out the podcasts you recommend.

      I used to post stuff on my Lapped Catholic blog but that fell by the wayside. I lack focus. Still thinking about starting it up again but I'd probably have to rename it the Baddest Catholic or something similar.

      I do however still post a saint a day on Twitter under the guise of @Saint_Tweet. I'm a big fan of the Communion of Saints and like sharing some of the lesser known saints with people.

    2. Tante Léonie3/15/11, 3:17 PM

      Julie, just what I need -- more good stuff to look at/listen to, because I don't spend enough time online! :)

      Thanks for sharing; actually it so happens that I was looking for some new podcasts to listen to while I'm packing for my move (T minus 3 weeks and counting). I'll check out the ones you listed.

    3. This day is getting freakin' ridiculous. I've got literally dozens of tabs opened. I'll have to take the rest of the day off just to browse all the new sites I'm discovering.

      Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    4. Tim ... I still remember Lapped Catholic! :-)

      Yeah, I've also got the "no, I didn't need anything more to read ... listen to ... etc.!" syndrome. But I can't resist.

    5. I know a lot of the people involved with St. Irenaeus in Rochester NY (I went to school there). Great people and great ministry!