Thursday, February 24, 2011's 2011 Readers' Choice Awards: Time to Vote for Catholic Sites

Though there is precious little representation of anyone except the usual biggies. I was quite surprised at the lack of creativity in most of the nominations. Even some of the usual biggies aren't there like Amy Welborn or Mark Shea. However, as The Crescat points out, there is the occasional wild card in the running.

You can begin voting here and the bottom of each page has a prompt that takes you through all the Catholic categories.

I, personally, am looking forward to The Crescat's 2011 Cannonball Awards. That's where all the interesting folks come into their own. She sez details will be up on March 1.


  1. I just posted this on my blog's Facebook Page:

    Evidence is strong that YIMCatholic is in the world, but not "of the world". Just check these numbers of "likes":

    "With over 28,883,000 "likes" at press time, Eminem has narrowly surpassed Lady Gaga's "like" tally of 28,872,000." We are so close...NOT!

    We have 762. =)