Monday, January 31, 2011

Why I'm Catholic: Catholic Conversion Stories

Why I'm Catholic is a website developed to bring Catholic conversion stories to the web 2.0. Check back often for new conversion testimonies from all different faith backgrounds. We hope you will join us in spreading these testaments to the Catholic faith and God's existence...
This is a great looking site that is releasing a lot of different conversion stories from people in all sorts of backgrounds and all walks of life.

It's an interesting place to look around and I can't wait until a Hindu or Buddhist steps up and contributes their story. There are some fascinating stories there, like that of revert John Pridmore who was a London East End Gangster and convert Allen Hunt who was a Methodist mega-church pastor.

Heck, they even included one from an agnostic convert of your acquaintance ... me.

They have just gotten started but I think this has the potential to really communicate to people in a personal way. If you have a conversion story to tell, consider contacting them with it.

Regardless, I think you'll be inspired by the stories so be sure to check out Why I'm Catholic.


  1. No RSS on the site. Too bad.

  2. What a great site. I'm not sure if it was here I mentioned it, so I'll say it again. I love reading about conversion stories. There is something fascinating about them. It allows a window into the life and thought processes (and of course theological argument) of a person.

  3. Owen, they were asking me for suggestions. I'll pass that along! :-)

    Manny ... me too. They are all the same in that they are wonderful glimpses of God's love and they are all different because we are all different and God reaches us in such unique ways. :-)

  4. Hi Owen and Manny this is Steve from over at

    Thank you for the feedback, RSS is a functionality that definitely needs to be added. Hopefully we will have something operational later in the week.

    I couldn't agree more. There is something very human about a conversion story which strikes a reader in a very unique way. We hope by bringing together inspiring stories from all backgrounds we can help build up the faithful as well as evangelize those who are searching for the Truth.

    God bless both of you and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other feedback!

  5. I think I would make mine sound more boring than it was. Mine wasn't nearly as exciting as any I've ever heard, but I've never been good about writing about myself. Much better at writing fiction and others bios.

    I read that blog every once in while. Usually only when something catches my eye...

  6. This is a new one, I'm pretty sure. I know the other one you mean and there are some great stories there too.

    Perhaps if you wrote your story as if it were fiction, happening to someone else? Although maybe it is meant to be just for you. Which is a sweet thought, somehow. Something personal not to be aired out too much by conversation with others about it. :-)

  7. Thank you all for your patience with the feed here is the link

    It's pretty basic but hopefully we will have a chance to fine tune things soon. God bless!

  8. Thanks for the follow up Steve. As a convert myself I will find these interesting. God bless you.