Monday, January 10, 2011

What's Goin' On: Be Careful What You Wish For

My sister was in town on business last week. In fact, she's still here, though not on business any more.

She came in a day early so we could share the evening together last week. In passing, I told her that I was only sorry we couldn't have more time together. I was horrified on Saturday afternoon to hear her barely discernible voice coming through our answering machine saying that she had a stomach bug, was very ill and needed help. Now!

As you can imagine, I loaded up with ginger ale, saltines, and raced over to her hotel. Once she'd recovered somewhat, we moved her back to the house where she has been gradually regaining normal health. Our bad weather and that in Atlanta (where she has to fly to make a connection to her home in Florida), have extended her stay another day or two.

Although we're delighted to have more time with her, I surely wish I had qualified a bit more exactly what sort of "more time together" I wanted!


  1. Ginger ale and saltines are the only way I treat an upset stomach. Boy, that goes back to my childhood days.

    Also, being in Atlanta right now...yeah, you don't want to go anywhere for a while. Stay put and stay safe!

  2. Elizabeth M1/11/11, 5:56 AM

    I know this isn't how you wanted the time, but it is so good that you're able to be there. I was really sick on a business trip once. Boy it's so much harder not to be at home or to have the ginger ale and saltines at hand. I had to rely on room service for tea and soda (when that is NOT my comfort level) also meant that I had to answer the door!

    I hope your sister recovers quickly. It's a blessing for her that she was able to come to you to recoup.

    I also hope she gets home safely.

  3. Sometimes we forget to thank God for the little things in our lives, like being able to take care of our sisters. To have them with us just a little bit longer. To love and care for. Take advantage of this time. It's a corporal work of mercy......