Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Simply the best book on the spiritual life that uses the urinal for parallelism.

So says The Curt Jester about Choosing the Right Urinal. Possibly because I didn't find any interest in reading a book featuring urinals, however spiritual, I passed on a review copy. However, I'm glad to see it has good value. Here's what Jeff (a.k.a. The Curt Jester) sez:
Kyle Heimann who is half of the music group Popple has released a new micro book called Choosing the Right Urinal – A Man’s guide to life.

This is simply the best best book on the spiritual life that uses the urinal for parallelism. Okay, maybe the only book that compares the urinal and aspects related to urinal to make points on the spiritual life. Actually, it is a enjoyable and worthwhile read that is very funny while making some serious points.

Kyle has it available for free on his site in PDF format along with a study guide for a group. You can also order copies of this book.
Jeff also talks a little about what Popple is like and has a music video you can watch, so go check it out.

For a more thorough book review from The Curt Jester, check out this one on The Fathers Know Best by Jimmy Akin. (Which I am pretty sure I was never offered to review ... ahem ... but we will not get into that now ... )


  1. The Fathers Know Best wasn't a review copy, but bought from Catholic Answers to support them.

    Though recently Kevin O'Brien of Theater of the Word who is doing the reading of some of the audiobooks for Ignatius Press let me choose from several books to review. I'm in book heaven since I so love Ignatius Press and Kevin is a great voice talent.

  2. Aha! Much as I bought Mark Shea's Mary books. Gotcha.

    I have never tried an audiobook for anything theological or, now that I think about it, nonfiction ... as far as I can remember. I must have, but just can't think of it. I'll have to look into those.