Monday, January 17, 2011

I knew those Sunday Mass readings sounded familiar

I am this week's lector for the Verbum Domini podcast, where you may hear daily readings from the Roman Catholic Liturgical calendar.

I recorded the readings several weeks ago and, although I knew they were posted recently, I had completely forgotten about it until listening to the Mass readings yesterday.

If you are interested in listening, they can be found on iTunes or you may download episodes at Verbum Domini by clicking on the "pod" button next to each day's headline.


  1. You read wonderfully, Ms. D -- I look forward to the rest of the week. It was only at the end of the podcast when Mr. Camarata invited us to visit this oh-so-familiar blog site that I realized it was you! Far from "worlds colliding," it was a wonderful union of the two new media forms of witness so many of us follow and are inspired by. It was nice to hear your spoken voice after having read your written for so long.