Friday, January 21, 2011

And then there's another movie coming up in May about a priest

Though it is not exactly the sort of movie that There Be Dragons is.

It was mentioned by in passing reference last night at the screening as "That's a problem we all have, right? Fighting vampires."

I didn't laugh. I was too busy perking up my ears. Priests? Fighting vampires? Now that has some potential ...

Talking to Rose about it on the phone, I said, "I just hope they don't make the priest so unpriestly that I can't watch it ... sleeping with women, etc."

Rose said, "Hey, I think that as long as it isn't Paul Bettany*, we're probably ok."

I found the trailer.

Ummm. It is Paul Bettany.

It also looks like a post-apocalyptic, futuristic vampire movie that has not only Paul Bettany (who I love) but also Karl Urban. I'm not sure which I love more in this trailer. Karl Urban. Or his hat.

As Tom pointed out, the only reason for this movie to be about priests versus vampires is so that the public has an easy way to tell who the good guys are. Though it looks as if there may be only one good guy ... and a seriously cool bad guy. With a great hat.

I'm not sure what the movie will be like. I am not left with high hopes after seeing the trailer. But I've still got some hope, however slight.

*Hey, just let me say again that I love Paul Bettany. Love. Him. I don't love his role in Da Vinci Code though. Which is what Rose was joking about.


  1. The movie Priest is made by the same guys who brought us Legion, a movie I gleefully poop on every chance I get, so I approach it with zero expectations.

  2. Ugh. Ok, now I have had my expectations properly lowered ... darn it!