Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's Goin' On: He Looks Like ... Someone Loves Him.

Hannah finally bit the bullet, upon seeing how well the foundling and her darling Zapp got along. She is adopting the-dog-formerly-known-as-Garrett and changing his name to Kif.

She bought him a reddish leather collar that coordinates nicely with his spots. It is funny the difference that putting the collar on Kif made. Suddenly he went from being homeless to looking like ... someone loves him.

Kif was neutered yesterday, the truly official sign at the vet that he has an owner.

Hannah said that when he was anesthetized, they x-rayed him. They found about 20 shotgun pellets embedded in one side. Poor guy. No wonder he doesn't like it when I toss him a treat. I can only imagine what abuse he has suffered. No wonder he completely melts when Hannah is around. She opened a world that Kif may not have even known existed ... that a human could love him.


  1. Tante Léonie12/10/10, 8:37 AM

    YES!!!! I am so happy that Kif found a home (I secretly was hoping that Hannah would keep him)!!!

    What a great dog; you can tell from his face that he has a sweet, sweet heart.

    I felt so sad and angry when I read about the shotgun pellets...

    My husband used to have a colleague who put it well (and in earthy language): "Anybody who doesn't love animals ain't worth a s*%!t!"

    Abba Xanthis put it more piously:
    "A dog is better than I am because it also has love, but it does not pass judgment."

    Blessing to all the critters in your home and those who love and care for them.

  2. What a great story. Good name, too, though it made me laugh because some of the conservative political blogs insist on calling hyper-partisan MSNBC guy Keith Olberman (sp?) "Keef."

  3. We adopted the dog-formerly-known-as-Timmy and named him Cludo. He's schnauzer mixed with terrier and he's a holy terror.

    He started out horrible, then he became terrible. Now he's just "bad". Soon we expect him to be not too bad, and maybe even "good" one day.

    He was a stray for a few months of his young life (we've had him about 5 months and he's a year old). We can pick him up and smooch his face without getting bit. He's a bit of a thief, though.

    I figure enough love will take care of whatever hurt he suffered.

  4. Tony, I'm going to take your "started out horrible ... now he's just 'bad'" and tell that to Hannah. She was depressed over a lack of progress yesterday. Though we all try to love Kif, he doesn't always make it easy. But I think of those birdshot in his hide (we counted over 50 on the x-ray) and think about how he has been betrayed. So it is easy to love him anyway. :-)

    It is Hannah's other foundling, Zapp, who is a bit of a thief. He does have a lovely, bouncy prance when he's got a good bone to show off though! :-D