Monday, December 6, 2010

We Can't Never Get Enuff o' Turkey Bone Gumbo

Made the broth using the turkey bones and skin on Thanksgiving weekend. Froze it along with enough turkey to make it.

Thawed the whole buncha it out and made Turkey Bone Gumbo yesterday.

Yes, you've heard about it before, but it's good enough to take another look. Once again, my thanks to Sara Roahen for graciously taking the initiative to send me that recipe. I love it so much that I'll make a turkey just to have the gumbo later.

Though I'm considering saving up roasted chicken carcasses during the year so we can have some Chicken Bone Gumbo.


  1. Tante Léonie12/6/10, 1:36 PM

    Julie: You don't mean to say that you throw away your beautiful chicken carcasses?!

    Stock; liquid gold!!

    I *always* save my chicken carcasses. I frequently just throw a couple into a big crock pot for 12 or so hours.

    You can never have enough chicken stock on hand!

  2. Okay, Leonie and Julie, if God wanted us to do weird stuff with the bones of long-dead birds He would not have invented fast-food.

  3. Tante, actually I rarely, if ever, actually roast a chicken. I grill them, Cacciatore them, etc. But for some reason, roasted chicken just doesn't usually spring to mind. I'd make an exception for this though. :-D

    I do make my own chicken stock but begin by browning turkey necks (ok, that is turkey stock), chicken wings, etc., and then make the broth from those.

    Mack ... you poor, poor sap. You come by and I'll show you what's what wit da chickens!

  4. Julie, you're scaring me...!


  5. Tante Léonie12/7/10, 2:01 AM

    Julie: I think you and I need to stage and intervention for our Mack.