Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the Sunday Obligation to Attend Mass

Riparians at the Gate states this in a beautifully short and simple, yet comprehensive way. My favorite bits are below, but go read it all.
... There isn’t a secret calendar showing weeks when you can skip [Mass] based on a flimsy excuse, and other weeks when you have to show no matter what. Likewise, there isn’t a cosmic attendance policy giving you so many unexcused absences and then you fail the course.

You either can come, and therefore you must. Or you cannot come, and therefore, well, you cannot.

Much simpler than people fear. The Church is not out to get you. Well, okay, she is out to get you. But in a good way: She is out to get your soul into Heaven. And she knows that under ordinary circumstances, attending Mass on Sundays and Holy Days is what your soul needs. So go if you possibly can.
Italics are mine and that's what's going into my quote journal.

Those who would like more specifics on the why's and wherefore's may find it in the Catechism, beautifully stated as is the norm there.


  1. Woohoo! Into the quote journal! That's a pretty exciting day.

  2. Hey, when you're good, you're good! :-)

  3. You're completely right. Many people argue that if you don't attend Mass, well, you're going straight to Hell. But honestly, I agree with you. "Go if you possibly can", because "she is out to get your soul into Heaven." Love the way you worded that!