Friday, December 31, 2010

A Delicious Champagne Cocktail

Something anyone interested in a lovely looking and tasting drink that people who do not enjoy champagne will nonetheless enjoy (as Hannah and Rose will testify). Tom and I, who do enjoy champagne, liked it too.


  1. I first enjoyed the Poinsettia in college, when a dear friend took me to a fine restaurant as a gift.

    We decided that she ought to have a December wedding, when everything could be red berries and diamonds, and we would toast her blessings with that cocktail.

    She is yet unmarried. I was the one who had the December wedding, though no champagne was involved. Instead, my wife and I shared our favorite Moscato with our guests.

    Now I'd like very much to sip that drink again. Thanks, Julie, for the memory.

  2. I love that story ... :-)