Monday, November 8, 2010

What's Goin' On: Sherlock Holmes Updated on BBC

We've really been enjoying the first two episodes of the updated Sherlock Holmes on Masterpiece Theatre. As we've been taping it and then watching later, I haven't seen the third and last installment in this mini-series. Yes it has its problems here and there, but overall I think it is very true to the spirit of Holmes and Watson as Doyle wrote them. I can forgive a great deal when the entertainment is as good as this.

I tend to agree with Hannah who said, after we finished the second episode, that she preferred this series to the recent movie Sherlock Holmes (you know, the one with Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law). There is a very similar spirit shared between the series and the movie, but on the whole, I prefer the series. And I hope there are more to come in the future.


  1. I have been pleasantly surprised by the new series. Usually I want to run away from an "updating" of some character, but they have done a fairly good job and have introduced some interesting elements such as the overlaying of information that Holmes sees.

  2. Which is nice, because it introduces an element of "fair play mystery" to Doyle's sometimes-fair play, sometimes-thriller/adventure format. It's not much help if you don't read or absorb information fast, of course, but at least it's a bit of info.

  3. I pay for PBS but don't receive the signal. Too thrilling.

    The concept of updating alarms me -- have Holmes and Watson given up their pipes? Are they more than just friends?

    I shudder.

  4. I meant to bring that up too. It is a wonderful use of motion graphics and serves both to keep it super-modern and to inform without dragging us through tons of exposition.

  5. Mack ... they do keep having people assume they are gay but it is actually kind of a funny bit ... and they both repudiate it instantly. So, there you go ...

  6. I think the new series if fantastic. Episode three ended with a brain tease! Wow.

    No, I think Holmes and Watson are more than just friends. I think they are finding in each other something the other lacks, isn't that what all great friendships are built upon?

  7. Mack, the biggest change - brace yourself! - is that Watson has no moustache.

    Yes, a moustacheless Watson. So unnatural an innovation made me fear I could not accept this new series.

    But they've made up for lack of moustache by addition of cuddly jumpers*, so I'm very happy :-)

    (*or sweaters, in American)

    Julie, I understand that there will be a second series of another three episodes for broadcast over here late in 2011 (to fit in around Steven Moffatt's work on "Dr. Who" and, presumably, Martin Freeman being cast as Bilbo Baggins in "The Hobbit").

  8. WOOHOO!

    Though I am not sure I'll be able to get over Martin Freeman being Bilbo Baggins ... my literary worlds will be colliding!