Tuesday, November 23, 2010

But What Does the Pope Really Think?

I have just been reading David Scott's review of Light of the World, which is the first one I've seen from someone I trust (David wrote my favorite book about Mother Teresa and recently was named editor in chief for CNA and EWTN News).

We all know that the Pope answers the hard questions about faith in a thoughtful manner that provokes us to think more deeply ourselves. That much I already knew from Jesus of Nazareth and reading another Seewald/Ratzinger collaboration Salt of the Earth. I expect to be enlightened and challenged.

What I did not expect was the surprisingly endearing confession that the Pope is glad he's in good health because he hates exercise. (hey, me too!) Or that he turns to the saints often, “I am friends with Augustine, with Bonaventure, with Thomas Aquinas.” (hey, that's what I say!)

In other words, we get to see the human man that goes with the heart and intellect we know.

A great review that does a lot to give an overview which makes me impatient to get that book in my hands. Go read it.

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  1. One never, never, never trusts a news story which begins "The Vatican says..." The Vatican is a city-state; it doesn't say anything. "The Vatican says..." is usually a prelude to some careless (or possibly malevolent) remark by some undersecretary to some sub-commission for the promulgation of the study of more efficient cash registers at the gift shop or something.