Monday, October 11, 2010

Worth a Thousand Words

Ornamental latin alphabet from the 16th century, missing the letters J, O, W, X and Z.
From Wikimedia Commons where it was a Picture of the Day.
Letter illustrations:
* A: Head of a bird and two snakes
* B: King and devil
* C: Bird riding a wild boar
* D: Plant
* E: Dragon
* F: Bird and flower
* G: Dog
* H: Walking person
* I: Winged dog and lizard
* K: Grotesque masks
* L: Piper wearing a hat in the shape of a bird
* M: Lion and thistle
* N: Fish in king's garb
* P: Pelican
* Q: Bird or dragon
* R: Masks and faces
* S: Lizard in king's garb
* T: Two griffins
* V: Jester
* U: Sun
* Y: Small animal and plants


  1. all of a sudden I want to get out my rubber stamps and ink and make stuff

    what a fab alphabet!

  2. Tante Léonie10/15/10, 9:46 AM

    Oh Julie, this is spectacular!
    Thanks for posting this.