Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Well Said

From my quote journal.
An equation means nothing to me unless it expresses a thought of God.
Srinivasa Ramanujan, Indian mathematician, 1887-1920


  1. Tante Léonie10/15/10, 9:41 AM

    Great to see a quote from Ramanujan, Julie!

    Ramanujan was an incredible mathematician and his story is a fascinating one.

    If you don't know anything about him, I encourage you to do a little reading about him.

  2. This was encountered in a science fiction story ... can't remember the name right now because my Kindle is at home. But it was simply wonderful and I think I will be reading it on my podcast just as a sample of the quality of all the stories (Fair Use Act!). It had various quotes from mathematicians and that one blew me away. I'll have to look for his story.