Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reviewing Schultze Gets the Blues

One of the pleasures of having joined the Good News Film Reviews group blog is that Scott is going through and occasionally posting one of my old reviews. It is interesting to see my reactions when these hit me unexpectedly. My review of Schultze Gets the Blues at Good News boasts a level of snarkiness that would make Scott proud ... and it made me laugh when reading it. A simple pleasure but then (I'll say it for you) I'm fairly simple.

The one line summary? "And to think that I thought The Station Agent was slow."

If you want more, click through and read the rest.


  1. I don't know about snarkiness, it's pretty popular these day I understand but I have to disagree with you about "Schultze...". Yes, the movie is slow in the way real life is makes you shut down your expectations for a narrative and surrender to the flow of the story. The simple images of the water flowing past his boat, the floating moon in the darkening sky intercut with silhouettes of the dancers were haunting in a nonverbal but very moving way. And oh! the hot tub scene..too funny, sweet but funny.

  2. It just didn't hit us that way. Sometimes a good editor can get those images across while not making us live every moment with the character. I know that real life is slow and, believe it or not, I actually do enjoy some slow movies (as I mentioned in the review, Mostly Martha, or Moon), but I don't want to live the character's life minute by minute with them. To each his own though, which is why there are so many different movies to choose from.