Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well, What Do You Know ... the Old Spice Man is Just as Interesting When Clothed.

For the poor fellow who thinks that I would not find the Old Spice Man just as amusing if he were clothed, here is the evidence that, indeed I do. (Wish I could find that photo to post, but can't so just click through on the link.) Of course, I've always been partial to suspenders.

Look at the background for his Twitter page ... and do note the sense of whimsy in the geese flying across the tile.

Much thanks to Tom for this link. He finds the Old Spice Man just as amusing and clever as I do. Of course, he's been in advertising a long time ... and has a sense of perspective.


  1. He's also quite charming, even when not playing the Old Spice Man! He appeared on Ellen after the first commercial aired:

    And I pity anyone who's too serious to find these ads funny.

    I'm on a horse!

  2. Tante LĂ©onie8/11/10, 3:04 PM

    Hey Victor, no worries.

    It's OK if you don't look like the Old Spice guy, you can still smell like him.

  3. ProTip: Bubble foam isn't clothes either.

    So that's a big 10-FAIL, good buddy.

    And I guess I could spray myself down with Axe body spray, too, but I do have SOME class (obviously not much, but enough not to smell like a high school locker room).

  4. Have you seen the background for the actor's twitter account?

    I cracked up!

  5. DMSJD - I had NOT ... that is hilarious!

    Victor ... stop changing the criteria, buddy! First you complain because he's topless. Then you complain because when his top is covered it is not with a piece of clothing. He isn't topless and that was your beef. Personally, I feel a man is practically naked unless he is wearing a hat ... and under those criteria practically every man I know is woefully underdressed. With the exceptions of Dr. Boli and several young gentlement of my acquaintance (since hats are coming back in style).

  6. It's interesting to compare the unwatchable Axe videos to the Old Spice Man.

    In any given Axe video, the woman is a mere accessory, a toy to inflate the young male's ego. In the Old Spice videos, not only does the OSM begin with the now-famous "Hello ladies," but in fact, does things like write love letters, send flowers (the flowers in the video for Alyssa Millano? He actually sent those to her in real life! How sweet!), and other thoughtful things that the Axe boys would never think of.

    The two campaigns are in fact antithetical to each other. I find the Axe ads repulsive, but find myself returning to the Old Spice ads again and again.