Friday, August 13, 2010

A Movie You Might Have Missed: 16

One of Harrison Ford's attempts to avoid typecasting shows just what a good actor he is, in this, our next stop down Little Known Movie Lane.
16. Regarding Henry

In one of his best performances, Harrison Ford plays Henry Turner, a top notch lawyer who is selfish and cold in his personal life with his wife and daughter. He goes out for some cigarettes and when displaying his trademark self-centeredness to a convenience store thief, Henry gets shot in the head. As Henry begins to struggle through recovery we see that his personality has undergone a distinct change. He is now human and humane although also slow mentally. Watching him unravel the mystery of why he always paints Ritz crackers as well as adjust to where he does and doesn't fit in at home and at the office are the heart of the story as we also reflect upon true humanity and how the truth often comes in ways we don't expect.


  1. I must agree...a totally charming, heartwarming movie.

  2. A very, very, very good film. Often forgotten and under-rated when great films are talked about.

    US films of the 1990s with their leafy suburbs, big houses, happy families and interesting moral messages can tend to blend into one another after a while, but some - like this one - really stand out.