Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Something I Really Like - Around the House

The FlexGrip pen from Papermate.

I can't tell you how often Tom and I have griped because there weren't any inexpensive pens that actually worked well or felt right in our hands. The last time Rose was home she was looking for these so she could resupply. When it came up in conversation, others of Hannah's and Rose's acquaintance confirmed the FlexGrip as a treasure.

Once I found a supply at Target, I was really happy with them. They are all I ever wanted: lightweight, write without skipping (a problem for us lefties), slim, medium point, retractable, with a clip ... and cheap!


  1. Thanks; I'll give it a try.

    Another pen you might consider is the Zebra G-301 stainless steel gel. Made in Indonesia, alas, but writes really well.

    -- Mack,
    Always a lefty
    Never a leftist

  2. Stainless steel gel? Isn't that hard on the page? :-D

    Love that tagline ... and must take it ...

  3. DH won't use anything but the Zebra now. He's veeery protective of his pens.

  4. I too am a sworn devotee of the Zebra - specifically their Sarasa series of gel pens. They come in many colors, although the black ones tend to smudge. Lightweight, sturdy, inexpensive, comfortable... I'll never use another pen. I even give these as gifts.

  5. I'll have to look for those ... though I think I might have come across them before. Are they rather thick? Because I like a thin pen ...