Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Best Thing About Eclipse? This Review.

Then we cut to Bella and Edward doing homework in a meadow. Must Edward and Bella ruin everything? (Yes.)

Also, he doesn't even let her do homework, which - look, dude, it's your own business if you want to spend your immortal years repeating high school in an endless cycle that would haunt the nightmares of any normal person who has been to high school just the one time, but some of us are just trying to pass Affectless Poetry Reading 102, okay?
Genevieve Valentine has that certain something that makes me enjoy readig very long posts about movies that I care nothing about. Yes, she's that entertaining. Here's a bit more that amused me ... and then you can click through and read it all for yourself ... with captioned photos!
Since the last movie, all the Cullens changed their hair. Carlisle also changed his accent (he's using Madonna's British one from 2005). He's not the only one, though; halfway through a flashback to his time in the Confederacy, Jackson Rathbone picks up a drawl that he decides not to put down, so for the last third of the movie it's like he's looping Val Kilmer in Tombstone.

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  1. I felt sorry for my son when he went to the cinema the other day with a group of friends- the boys were outvoted and Twilight was the film that they had to endure!! girlpower? oh help!