Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Prescription for 26 Years of Wedded Bliss?

We began with me getting married in a nightgown, though that is not, of course, a prerequisite.

Perhaps being married to the most patient and wonderful man in the world? That's certainly a help.

(Did I mention that he's very patient?)

Whatever it is, we're going strong and happier than ever.

We celebrated last weekend as a friend of Hannah's is going to be arriving today to stay for a few weeks while she saves up enough money to establish herself in an apartment. We went to MoMo's, which is such a well kept secret that we had forgotten all about it. It still features the same excellent Italian food that we recalled from when it opened not too long after we married.

As it turns out, it is a good thing that we celebrated early because Tom has a meeting scheduled for 5:00 tomorrow which may run rather long. It would have played havoc with celebration plans. That's all par for the course on our little web-farm.

Also, Happy Birthday to my sweet sis, Lisa, who generously agreed to share her birthday with us each year. If we lived closer I'd bake you this cake (or at least give it my best shot).


  1. Tante Leonie5/19/10, 8:11 AM

    Happy Anniversary Julie and Tom!
    May all God's blessings be yours.

    (we're celebrating our 22nd next friday -- May is such a nice month to get married in)

  2. Congratulations. What a sweet post.

  3. little john5/19/10, 9:03 AM


  4. Happy Anniversary, Tom and Julie! May God continue to bless you richly in every way, and may His many graces be with you at all times as you continue to seek His Face.


  5. Happy Anniversary..we are 26 years on 28th May!

  6. Well thank you for the cake and the nice messages! I'm going to pretend that it is a delicious ice cream cake that I can actually eat. Yummmmm.....

    Happy Anniversary! It was a lovely wedding and a tootin' reception!

  7. Congrats to you both.
    I think it's wonderful that you recognize your husbands patience. We husbands aren't too well know for that important virtue.

    Been married 19 years meself. I put the success down to mutual patience, forgiveness, forebearance and putting up with daily contradictions and boredom.
    Marriage is alot like the Catholic church, IMO...

  8. Congratulations, Julie and Tom! Many happy returns!

    We're up on 9 years this June -- I can't figure out if it seems like we only just got married, or if we've always been married. Either way, life is good.

  9. Blessed day! You deserve it. You and Tom made our silver so nice!

  10. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary celebration! Twenty-six years... you reckon maybe it's meant to be? Ha!

  11. cheers to both of you! many blessings for continued wedded bliss. Rita