Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Was Unexpected ... and as Far as I Can Tell, It Isn't an April Fool's Joke

I have been asked to be one of three Catholics appearing tomorrow morning on The Takeaway, a live national radio show. We'll be discussing the current scandals in relation to how it has affected my faith, etc.

It will at 5 in the morning (Dallas time, CST) for the first 15 minutes. (What I suffer for the faith, right? ha!)

It will be two "ordinary people" ... one of whom is me, natch ... and a Catholic journalist.

Well, that was an interesting experience. I'm glad that Tom taped it on a computer in the other room because I finished thinking that a headline would read something like, "Local Oaf on Radio Show." Upon listening, however, I was not quite as off target as memory showed. Though I believe I proved that one can still ramble even within two sentences. There is a definite talent to putting out those concise, targeted news-byte answers and I now have a new respect for those who do it.

You can listen here or at the embedded audio below. My press agent (a.k.a. Tom) went back to the page later and saw the pull quote for the story. So I guess it wasn't a total train wreck!
People are people are people throughout time. So once the first horror of what's happened is over, you kind of have to get a grip, and if you're going to remain Catholic you have to look at the bigger picture.
— Julie Davis


  1. Tante Leonie4/2/10, 12:38 AM

    Praying for you, Julie!

  2. Julie, you did me proud. You did great. I actually thought the second question to you was posed a bit rambling. But, again you made me proud.

  3. once the first horror of what's happened is over,

    Until this, I would have thought so too. But I feel it's possible to feel it afresh and be scandalized all over again as it ratchets up a notch.