Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tarsus to Redemption ... I Can Not Wait to Get My Hands on These

St. Paul's story ... manga-style.

What could be more perfect? I mean.  Just look at that cover!

Well, ok. There could be one thing more perfect. If St. Paul cried, so we could have those fantastic manga-tears shooting out of his eyes.

But we all know St. Paul never cried. NEVER. (sigh)

I'll be getting at least one of these (c'mon, send me more ...) to review and will tell y'all all about it.


  1. And they will also have a two-volume Judith comic!!!!


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  3. That is pretty cool. I will definately be getting one for my 14 YO son.

    You know tho, I must be getting old as I tend to picture St Paul more as Rod Steiger from his "On the Waterfront" days... :)