Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some Silence for the Triduum

Circumstances won't allow my attending Holy Thursday and Good Friday Masses this year. I find that I am lucky that I've attended enough in the recent past that my memory stays hauntingly fresh. I was mentally taken there when I saw the palms on Palm Sunday and when looking ahead through the Magnificat readings this morning.

I'm going to duck out of the blog until after Easter, although I have prepared some items to take us through that most holy day of the year. I wish for all of you a very blessed Triduum, a celebratory and jubilant Easter.

See you Monday!

(This post will be "stuck" at the top of the blog until then. Just scroll down for the day's posts.)


  1. A holy and happy Easter, Happiest Catholic and friends.

  2. Best wishes from me as well.

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