Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Kind of Broadway ... Swingin' Hard!

I never heard of Woody Herman (which probably shows great ignorance). I sure am glad that Kelly's Lounge Soundz did though.

This album takes a lot of Broadway tunes that I am not even that fond of and swings 'em out the window and back in again. Seriously, who cares if the original tune floats your boat? When these guys are done each song is an original arrangement that has you snapping your fingers, tapping your feet, and thrilling to the originality.

This is going to be a regular on my iPod and played a lot at our weekend cocktail hours.

Go to Kelly's Lounge Soundz to get the link for the free download. Yep. Free. And worth twice that!


  1. Dear merciful heavens, you ARE young!

  2. So when you say "young" what is your guess? Because I might surprise you.

    Although I freely admit to "untutored" or "ignorant." :-)

  3. Your chances of being a known big band/jazz band bandleader, in this day and age, are pretty much restricted to being the subject of movies called The ___ ___ Story.

    Personally, I have a thorough indoctrination in Glenn Miller, courtesy of the USAF Museum, and was very shocked a few years ago to discover that "sweet" was the equivalent of "easy listening", back in the day. Beyond that, I know who Tommy Dorsey is, and then there's the other guy who had a movie... and beyond that, it all goes blank. I may vaguely recognize a few names from TCM documentaries or public radio, but that's about it.

    I will say no more. :)

  4. My husband knows a lot of names that never come up until I'm playing a sample of something and saying, "I think he sounds something like Grover Washington (or someone)." Tom will say, "I don't know. Almost sounds like Wes Montgomery."



    So when I asked if he had heard of Woody Herman, he said, "He was a big time old jazz guy back in the day."

    Sure enough.

    But Tom has an unusual talent that way. Me? Not so much.