Friday, January 15, 2010

Ohhhh noooo ... NOW it's ON!

Soooo, now the true colors are showing.

Ironic Catholic is ready with smack about the Cowboys versus Vikings. 
We're holy and ironic and better at football. See you on the other side of the field, Dallas Bloggers!
Well, ok, I must admit as smack goes, that's pretty mild. (IC is way too nice that way. Me? Not so much.)

Let's face facts. Even Brett Favre is scared.

First, he says:
 “Honestly, I see us sitting here next week having this press conference again. If that doesn’t happen, to me, it will be a shock.”
NOW, he's tryin' to take it back, but we all know what he meant.

Uh, huh. Scared.

Seriously, do you want to back a quarterback who throws down the gauntlet and then tries to take it back?

Because he knows what that sort of thing does to the Cowboys. (The Saints sure do...)

Y'all enjoy that game-time lutefisk while we hunker down with nachos. Wait a minute, we win at football food too ...

Game on.

(In a mild, love-ya-IC kinda way, of course!)

I must give credit where credit is due (since this is a Catholic thing) ... IC has got the last word in Theological Trash Talk. Cowboys fans, you just help yourself to a few and straighten out our misguided Northern brethren.


  1. OK, first, Brett was showing some becoming ***modesty*** here, which is a Christian virtue, last I checked...and one it seems the Cowboys have problems with from time to time (or always).

    Second, only the Lutherans enjoy Lutefisk, so I think these Catholics will be chowing on wild rice soup (its good) and beer.

    You wait....the virtues always's basic Christian theology....

  2. Maybe instead of the wild rice soup, we'll go slaughter a bear. We've got them here, you know.

  3. Well if you want to pretend it is becoming modesty you are welcome to, however it is just that way of hiding your head in the sand that leads to extreme depression later. I believe we are called to self examination for that very reason. :-D

    Also, wild rice soup? Really? That's the best you can do ... other than bear? No, no, no.

    Here's a word you need to learn, "enchiladas." Mmmm. And some Pacifico Clara. Now that is how to eat at a football game.


  4. Sure, but we make our enchiladas with fresh bear meat. With a side of wild rice.


  5. Ohhhhhhh, the pain ... it is for reasons like this that missionaries must educate the ignorant heathens. I have to go lie down now ...

  6. 1. Lutefisk: the piece of cod that passes all understanding.

    2. The Packers rosary (didn't work, obviously):

  7. Class--hee! Never heard that about lutefisk. Now do you know the theological meaning of lefse?

  8. Catholic, isn't lefse a kind of bread? That's all I know.

  9. I think it's "wafer" thin, isn't it?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. We can have Moose slathered in Chipotle sauce of some type and then stuff and hang the head on the wall with a Cowboy hat in it's mouth. Along with sone moose drool beer, or Summit Oatmeal stout for dessert.

  12. Yeah, Cowboys fans go 13 years without a playoff win and we're the ones that need to be humble.

    Mark Windsor

  13. Farve may be the greatest football player to pass the ball. He DOES need to be humble. And did a nice job there, I must say. Ahem.

    Lefse--well, it's somewhat breadish.

    How about "the Vikings lefse the Cowboys in the dust"?

  14. p.s. thanks for playing along, Julie. I knew you would. ;)

  15. Sorry, Julie, but I have to take my Vikes against your 'Boys. I left Minnesota for the East when I was 11 and the expansion Vikes were 1 or 2 (early 1960s). Always a bridesmaid, this may be their year. And BTW, this is not about Brett Favre, who I think is a fake. It's all about the helmets with the horns.

  16. Yep, goring or lassoing--we know the Vikes are up on this one.

  17. Ouch, 34-3! That last one must have hurt, Dallas fans. ;-)
    -Sue from MN