Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let's Talk Pro-Life March

It suddenly dawned on me that the annual Pro-Life March is in January.

Wait. This is January.

The March is on Saturday, January 16. Ok, time to get our game faces (and prayer) on.

Here is the website with Dallas info.

Here is a pdf with more detailed times and info.

I mentioned this to a friend who was instrumental in getting me to go to the March the first time. She said, "Oh, I might skip this year. It's so cold outside."

You know what?

It's colder if you're dead. Or if you're living with lifelong regrets. Or if one of the first people you meet after you die is the baby you killed before he or she was born. (I say this last with full knowledge that those who do so have been lied to and it is only the grace of God that kept me from similar acts when I fully believed the "morality" of secular society.)

I think I can take an hour or two -- especially since the media and the government don't count intentions. They only count numbers.
Last year, 5,000 prayed and marched for life. Bishop Farrell challenged everyone to “double it” in 2010 – so, “Bring a friend to make it 10 in ’10!” – 10,000 praying and marching for life on January 16, 2010!
Don't care about abortion on spiritual grounds?

Then let's look at it as a justice issue.

My dear friend Stevie introduced me recently to an excellent blog, Coming Home: Science in Service of the Pro-Life Movement. There is a lot of good scientific information there, especially about Margaret Sanger, the mother of Planned Parenthood and her agenda toward minorities.

And then we have that justice issue pithily presented in this video, which I got from Semicolon.

Tom and I will be there for the march, probably around 11:30. We'll take the DART down to the cathedral.

If anyone is interested in joining us, just let me know and we'll work out a meeting place. Hope to see lots and lots of people there!


  1. I'll be back in the frigid north by then, but I'll pray for its success. Do pray for me and the other ND folks (including Fr. Jenkins, if nothing changes) who'll be out at the march in DC the following week!

  2. In North Carolina we will be out in force on Saturday, Jan 16th, in our state capital of Raleigh. Please pray that we have a huge turn out to protest the horror of abortion. We are especially excited to have so many teens and college students involved.